Lithium magnesium silicate gel in water-in-water colorful coating

Lithium Magnesium Silicate, Coatings, Water-in-Water Colorful Coatings, Building Materials

Lithium magnesium silicate gel in water-in-water colorful coating 詳細

Application of lithium magnesium silicate gel in water-in-water colorful paint

Lithium Magnesium Silicate, Coatings, Water-in-Water Colorful Coatings, Building Materials

White powder; odorless, non-toxic, non-irritating;
Insoluble in water, oil and ethanol. It swells when soaked in water, and can form a colloid with high transparency and high viscosity at low solid content.

Main application areas
Thickener, Thixotropic Agent, Suspension Stabilizer, Anti-Sag Agent

The main mineral component of synthetic magnesium lithium silicate gel is hectorite. Laponite is also known as Hank's delite.

Chemical composition 
SiO2, (55~57)%; MgO, (23.5~25.0)%; Na2O, (2.8~3.8)%;
Li2O, (1.2~1.5)%; F, (5-5.8)%.


Magnesium Lithium Silicate Aqueous Dispersion, placed at room temperature, the viscosity increases with the prolongation of the placing time.  This characteristic of gradually thickening after standing, increasing the viscosity, and thinning the viscosity under the action of shearing force is called thixotropy. Lithium magnesium silicate gel has such good characteristics of infinite reversible transformation between suspension and gel under the action of external force, and also endows the gel with excellent spreading and film-forming properties.

Yield value
The yield value is an index to measure the ability of the colloidal structure to resist damage, that is, the force required to break the colloidal structure.  The larger the yield value, the more stable the colloidal structure.  Lithium magnesium silicate gels also have the ability to transfer yield values at low viscosities, so stabilization of the dispersed phase is possible even in dilute fluids.

Lithium magnesium silicate gel particles in aqueous systems are actually multiple layers of individual platelets separated by a single layer of water molecules.  The higher the degree of separation of the particles into individual pieces, the stronger the colloidal structure, the greater the viscosity and yield value (dynamic shear force), and the more pronounced the thickening effect. Since most organic thickeners do not have yield value, the product is often used in combination with organic thickeners to effectively adjust the viscosity, yield value and fluidity of the system.

The colloidal structure of lithium magnesium silicate gel dispersion also provides the best suspension for other fine particles in the same system, and it is successfully used as an anti-settling agent for water-based coatings to prevent particles from settling and agglomerating, ensuring the water system.  Ingredients are even.  The high yield value of its dispersion makes the suspension efficiency significantly better than that of organic glues of the same viscosity.

Lithium magnesium silicate gel can swell in water system to form "translucent-transparent" thixotropic gel with high transparency.

Chemical stability
Lithium magnesium silicate gel is an inorganic mineral gel with low chemical activity, insoluble in water, oil and alcohol, and does not react with them. When placed under dry conditions, it will not oxidize, acidify, decompose or degrade. It is inert in the working medium and difficult to react with other substances. It is usually suitable for use in products in the range of pH 2 - 13.

Lithium magnesium silicate gel is negatively charged and has good compatibility with most anionic surfactants and nonionic surfactants, but is incompatible with most cationic surfactants.  Its dispersion can be mixed with water-compatible solvents, such as 20% ethanol, 50% glycerol, 30% propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. Good compatibility with sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium alginate and gum arabic.

Exchangeability and Adsorption
Lithium magnesium silicate gel has cation exchange and adsorption properties, can react with aliphatic amines and quaternary ammonium salts to achieve organic formation, can absorb flavors, pigments, pigments or enzyme preparations, enhance flavor, and reduce the bitterness of drugs.

Main applications of lithium magnesium silicate gel
Coatings Latex paints, water-in-water colorful coatings, clear coatings and varnishes, industrial and protective coatings, anti-rust coatings, surface coatings, decorative and architectural finishes, relief coatings, etc.

Lithium Magnesium Silicate, Coatings, Water-in-Water Colorful Coatings, Building Materials

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