New road quick repair materials


New road quick repair material



Road quick repair materials, amorphous calcium aluminate, sulfoaluminate cement, asphalt mixture


The conventional asphalt mixture is compounded with sulfoaluminate cement and amorphous calcium aluminate to form a new type of road repair material with early strength, high strength, durability and quick repair.


1. Asphalt mixture

Asphalt mixture is a composite material, mainly composed of asphalt, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, mineral powder, and some polymers and wood cellulose are added.

Uses: Materials for road construction.

Composition: Asphalt, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and mineral powder.

Definition: The general term for the mixing of mineral aggregates and asphalt binders is the manufacturing process of hot mix asphalt, cold mix asphalt, etc.


2. Asphalt mixture and sulfoaluminate cement

Adding appropriate amount of sulfoaluminate cement to asphalt mixture can improve the shortcomings of asphalt mixture, such as low early strength and slow forming.

Due to the advantages of fast hydration speed of sulfoaluminate cement, the intertwining of hydration products and asphalt molecules can form a cement-asphalt concrete structure. Moreover, the hydration product of sulfoaluminate cement can form the inner voids of the collimated asphalt mixture and improve the compactness of the asphalt mixture.


3. Asphalt mixture + sulfoaluminate cement + amorphous calcium aluminate

Amorphous calcium aluminate has the advantages of early strength and rapid setting, and its performance is better when used with sulfoaluminate cement.

Amorphous calcium aluminate and sulfoaluminate cements undergo hydration reactions with asphalt mixtures to produce ettringites in different morphologies. The ettringite is distributed inside the asphalt mixture and acts as a reinforcing rib. Strengthen the strength development of the asphalt mixture.


The new road quick repair material can speed up the progress of road repair, open traffic earlier, and improve the bearing capacity of the road surface.

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